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Pool Remodeling

a large empty pool

Do you want to upgrade your current pool? There are plenty of steps that we could take to get this done. Sometimes with simple procedures, you could potentially see a major difference. On other occasions, it’s necessary to make extensive adjustments. We want to get a chance to go through some of the questions and situations that people have when they come to us for something like this. For the most part, we are going to answer with some questions of our own. That we feel you basically need to figure out before you go out and green light a project that could see you spending a lot of money.

Where are you & where do you want to be?

We are not running a coaching session here. It’s just that it’s important for us to have a clear idea of what type of final product you are expecting before we talk about anything. Some folks will come to us because they have a pool that’s old and they want to update it in every way. Yet, they want to do it on a tight budget. That is actually something that can be done if you figure out what part of the existing structure you could potentially use and what other parts you would need to essentially change out.

Light remodeling project

If you are on a budget, and quite frankly your pool is not in the worst shape this could be a good idea. What we are going to be doing is removing the existing paint or coating that is on your pool walls and floors to add a new one. In a lot of ways, this can be like repainting a home to give it a new look. You can certainly get a new look and feel of the place without too much trouble.

Pool deck restoration

You don’t necessarily need to bring in heavy-duty contractors to be able to repair a pool deck. We are going to be able to help you make all sorts of adjustments to the surface. Also, we have a keen eye for spotting some of the problems that plague these areas. Moisture issues that can break up a deck could be coming from your own pool equipment. We can take a look at the entire installation to spot any potential problems. That way even if you do decide that you want to bring in outside help for a more extensive project you’ll have the source of the problem under control.

Call us & have us take a look at your pool

One of the things that we’ve seen rather constantly is that people don’t even know where to start with a pool renovation procedure. What do you want to build? Maybe you are looking into extending the length of the pool while you are it. What you can get with us is not only building advice. We can also let you know what some of the technical challenges maybe if you want to keep some of the existing systems.

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