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    Pool care is usually something that you don’t want to have to worry about. When you go to use the pool though, naturally you are going to want to make sure that it’s clean and well kept. How do you find this balance? Someone has to care for the pool. At Largo Pool Pros we want to be that company for you. You won’t have to worry about the everyday things that your pool needs to thrive. All you need to do is make sure that you trust us to work on your property.

    About Us

    Most people allow pool companies such as ourselves to work with minimal supervision. This is something that some companies take advantage of to offer below-average services. In pool care, you can mask plenty of issues by just adding more chemicals. We understand that maybe you don’t want to be overly bothered by what we are doing. Still, it’s important to make sure that our clients comprehend the purpose of what we are doing. If pool care is something that we are doing in unison so to speak, we are always going to be able to obtain better overall results.


    There is a wide array of things that we are going to be able to help you with regarding your pool. Of course, this is going to include regular cleaning and care services. If you are looking to repair, remodel, or resurface your pool you can also count on us for that. We are not just the typical company that will come around once in a while to throw more chlorine into the pool. You can count on us for virtually any of the other services that you may need.

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    Pool Service


    The main thing that we are going to need to be able to provide successful pool services is information. What we mean by this, is that we are going to need to know what your current levels are. We need to know what chemicals were added to the pool before our arrival. Once we get that down we can make sure that the water is in a state where it’s safe to swim. As we mentioned before we are going to want to keep you updated on how things are going and what we feel could be the next step in the overall care process.

    vacuum with its vacuum hose

    Pool Cleaning

    You could say that the last paragraph was more of the scientific and chemical experiment part. Cleaning actually involves scrubbing down the sides of the pool. Removing leaves and debris when we arrive is very important. We are not just going to want to remove what we can see. It’s important to make sure that we check all of the filters, make sure that the whole water flow system is not being disturbed by debris. These are things that we can come by and help you with every couple of weeks maybe.

    These guys have been cleaning my pool consistently for years now. I can safely say that I trust their team to come into my home. I’ve never had any problems on that end. They do a great job all across the board. I always feel that I am swimming in clean water. - Cindy E.

    Pool Resurfacing

    This can be a procedure that could certainly help out a bunch of older pools. Most of the pools that we are going to be resurfacing are in-ground concrete pools. If you are in your pool and it literally feels rough around the edges. You can see cracks forming in the tiles, the plaster whatever is that you have it could be time for a procedure like this. No, you don’t really need to bring in the building contractor to handle a job like this. We are more than capable of handling these types of procedures for you.

    a nice looking pool stairs

    Pool Maintenance

    Cleaning is not going to be the only thing that you are going to need to be able to keep your pool in check. As we were just mentioning if you start seeing cracks or the walls and floors of the pool seem too rough there are a couple of things that we can do about that. The worst thing that you can do is try and repaint with virtually any paint that you find. If you are going to do some type of job in a pool you need to make sure that you are using the right materials. We can get all of the right materials to you and provide over the top results every time.

    a nice looking pool

    I was kind of surprised when the guys that cleaned my pool claimed they could help me restore it. I gave them a vote of confidence though. I am certainly glad I did that, they did a great job for me! - Pete V.

    modern pool with gravel pathway

    Pool Repair

    Resurfacing and outright removal or restructuring of a pool area are not the only forms of repair. What we are also going to be able to repair for you are heating and filtering systems. To ensure that you always have a way to heat up the pool. That way you can use it even when it gets a little chilly outside.

    nice looking huge pool

    Pool Remodeling

    Do you have an old pool that just doesn’t fit what you want out of this area? Maybe it’s not even old. The problem is that you are not getting the look and feel that you want. That’s perfectly understandable and we can assure you that there are multiple things that can be done to be able to change the entire outlook of your pool area. At the end of the day, the idea is that you can have a pool area that you can truly enjoy. That’s what we want to allow you to have.

    I don’t worry about my pool at all. These guys have been working for me for years, and all I know is my pool is always clean. - Warren A.

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    If you are interested in any of the services that we are able to provide for you, be sure to give us a call or contact us. Thanks to our friends the woodlands swimming pool builder. When you do we will get the opportunity to discuss your particular needs much further.