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Pool Repair

pool ladder with steel handle

Can pools be repaired? There are parts of the pool that you could be having trouble with and we would then need to make more extensive repairs. For example, if you have a pool that is in decent shape, but just has one crack that is leaking and giving you fits, we would probably want to focus on repairing that specific issue rather than doing a major overhaul. We talked about this on another page on this site, but also your heating and water supply systems may need to be repaired. Of course, those types of services would fall under this category.

How do i know if my filters or my water supply systems are broken?

In most pools what we’ll have is a system that is essentially making sure that the water inside the pool is constantly flowing. This water is going to pass through a filtration system and then back out into the pool. A pool without a proper system for this is going to turn into a puddle. With running water the water is going to turn green and start smelling pretty bad. Some of the problems that we see with these systems are either leaks. So you’ll find puddles in some areas around the pool. The other issue is that debris may have clogged the pipe system. Most of the time these problems go hand in hand.

What we can actually do about something like this

When we are looking at a leak or a clogged pipe we are going to be doing some of the same things that you can expect a plumber would do with your water supply system at home. The first thing that we would look for is some type of object blocking the pipe. We need to relieve that, and then figure out whether we would need to replace the broken pipes or just repair them.

Automated pool cleaner maintenance & repairs

Pretty much every house that has a pool these days has some form of automated pool cleaner device in place. What we’ve seen is that people have the same equipment that they had when they first built the pool or bought the house. Sometimes replacement parts don’t come cheap. We can help you make any adjustments to the equipment. Also, a big part of this is figuring out whether a repair service is a good idea or just need to throw that cleaner away and get a new one.

Parts for all sorts of pool equipment

Some of the pools in the homes in this area have been around for some years now. If the equipment breakdown, you may not want to look into any type of full replacement because of how extensive the costs may be. We can help you explore all of the repair options. One big thing that we bring to the table is access to replacement parts on older equipment. You just may not be able to find all of these things online as easily as you could believe.

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