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Pool Maintenance

man cleaning the pool deck

There are other pages on this site where we’ve talked about what we do to clean the water, we’ve talked about what we do to clean the structures within the pool. Here we want to talk about what steps we can take to make sure that we are not always reacting. As with anything in life, it’s usually better to be proactive and get ahead of things. Instead of kind of letting the pool area go and then spending a bunch of money on repairs. What are the tangible benefits of proper pool maintenance? That’s what we want to help you figure out!

Repainting or re waterproofing the surface

One of the things that can be done before you think about resurfacing the pool is giving the existing structure maybe not a full facelift, but putting some makeup on it to make it look better. When you are looking at a pool and you’re seeing cracked spaces it’s important to figure whether that’s the actual surface or we are looking at the paint job or just the top layer if you will. There is a good chance that we can add some good years of services to your pool with a couple of buckets of waterproofing paint.

Water heater upkeep

You don’t need a water heater here in Lago. The weather will keep the pool warm. If you hear that statement from someone they are either used to swimming in icy water, or they don’t use their pool at any other time in the year besides the summer. If you want to use your pool or at least the jacuzzi area even when it’s a little bit chilly outside you need to make sure that your water heater is working properly. A lot of these pools have relatively complex water heating equipment. We can actually simplify things for you quite a bit.

Salt water pool maintenance

When you have a saltwater pool there are a couple of things that you certainly have to take into account. There is a chance that some of the pool structures are going to deteriorate quicker or even slower. That’s going to depend on the type of pool that you have. There are still specific chemicals that we use to keep the water clean. Just because you have saltwater doesn’t mean that you are set forever you don’t need to check the quality of the water.

A tailored approach

In all of the services that we provide, we are going to want to make sure that what we are doing is geared towards making that pool better. Some companies have a strict process that they follow for every single pool. That’s great you can get young kids to do the job for you easily. That does not allow you though to provide custom services. What we want to provide is exactly that. All of the things that we are going to be doing are going to have your specific pool in mind.

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