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About Our Business

man sitting beside the pool

It has proven quite challenging to brand ourselves the way that we have. In that, we are a company that you can count on for all of your pool-related needs. Many of the folks that we came across when we first started in the business did not have the sense that the company that can help you clean the pool was going to be the same company that could help you overhaul. We actually have a theory for that. We don’t want to sound egotistical, but we are not your typical pool company. The idea of a pool company in the people’s minds comes a lot from how pool companies are portrayed in the media. Which is basically a bunch of college kids that clean pools in the summer. That’s just not the type of company that we are.

Our cleaning services and of course, the repair and remodeling services that we offer reflect that. The people that are going to be coming in to clean your pool are true pros of the business. Not just kids that we gave a step by step guide to and sent them out. In the last few years, our base clients have understood that we bring more to the table than a regular pool cleaning company. This is mostly because they’ve seen what we can potentially do for them first hand. Certainly, the hope in the next few years is to establish ourselves as a true all-around pool care company.

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